Burj El Barajneh Refugee Camp, Lebanon

More than 17,945 registered refugees
7 schools
1 health centre
Majority aged between 13-25
  • Located in southern suburbs of Beirut, near Beirut International Airport, it was established in 1948 by The League of Red Cross Societies to accommodate refugees who fled from Galilee.
  • Suffered heavily throughout the Lebanese civil war; property was badly damaged and nearly a quarter of the camp’s population was displaced.
  • Men generally work as casual labourers in construction and women work in sewing factories or as cleaners.
  • Most overpopulated camp around Beirut and living conditions are extremely poor.
  • The camp has narrow roads, an old sewage system, and is regularly flooded during winter.
  • In December 2009 a rehabilitation project funded by EU began, which will install a new water supply system, replace sewage work, clear storm water and reinstate alleys and roads.
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