Burj El Shemali Refugee Camp, Lebanon

More than 22,789 registered refugees
4 schools
1 health centre
Majority aged between 13-40
  • Located 3km east of Tyre. It was established to provide shelter for refugees from Hawla and Tiberias, northern Palestine, in 1948.
  • Camp also houses displaced Palestinians from other parts of Lebanon.
  • UNRWA began providing services in 1955.
  • Camp suffered a great deal of damage during civil war and much work still needs to be done to improve the infrastructure. Most shelters have been rebuilt with concrete blocks, with all shelters having electricity.
  • Water is supplied through 3 UNRWA-operated wells.
  • Water supply network and the sewerage and storm water drainage systems were funded by the EU.
  • Most men find work in seasonal agriculture, construction and manual work. Women work in agriculture and as house cleaners.
  • Unemployment is extremely high.
  • Camp has recently undergone infrastructure improvements, including instalment of a water supply network and sewerage system.
  • A 4-year project to repair/reconstruct 450 shelters began in 2007.
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