Wavel Refugee Camp, Lebanon

More than 8,806 registered refugees
2 schools, including 1 secondary school
1 health centre
Majority aged between 13-40
  • The camp was originally a French army barracks, and the original 12 buildings provided shelter to Palestinian refugees in 1948.
  • It lies 90km east of Beirut in Beqaa Valley.
  • In 1952, UNRWA assumed responsibility for providing services in the camp.
  • Suffered less structural damage than other camps during civil war.
  • Water system, sewerage and storm water drainage systems were recently rehabilitated.
  • Living conditions are particularly severe; housing is unhealthy as many refugees still live in the original Mandate-era army barracks, which lack daylight and ventilation.
  • Conditions are especially harsh in the winter, as the valley is a remote rural area with severe winter weather.
  • When combined with poverty, these conditions result in a number of social problems.
  • Only able to find seasonal work in agriculture and construction.
  • Students often drop out of school in order to support their families.
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Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said: “Whoever opens the fast of a fasting person will receive a reward equal to the fasting person’s with no reduction in the reward of the fasting person.(Sahih At-Tirmidhi)

Whether at home, in a local restaurant or community centre, by sharing your iftar with family and friends, you can help us provide urgent relief to thousands of Palestinians in need.

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