The Land of the Prophets: Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh)

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‘Ibrahim was indeed a paragon of virtue, obedient to Allah, ever inclined to Him and he was not of those who set up equals to Allah.  He was ever grateful for His favours, We chose him and guided him to a straight path; and We bestowed on him good in this world and in the Hereafter, he will surely be among the righteous.’ (16: 121-123)

Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), Father of the Prophets, encountered many miracles and trials during his lifetime, all of which brought him closer to Allah (swt). Every year Muslims mark Eid Al Adha in remembrance of his obedience to Allah (swt).

Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) spent many years in Palestine with his family. His tomb is located at the Masjid-e-Khalil in Hebron in the occupied West Bank where he is buried with his wife Sarah (may Allah be pleased with her).

To the west of Hebron lies an oak tree, called the Oak of Ibrahim, and is the legendary site where Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) pitched his tent during his travels. The oak is thought to be about 5,000 years old.

Due the historical significance of this site, the UN’s world heritage body recently recognised the old city of Hebron as a Palestinian world heritage site.

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