A Night Better Than 1000 Months…

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The Last 10 days of Ramadan are here! We will sadly be saying farewell to this beautiful month but we have time to do as much worship and good as we can and strive harder in these last 10 days and nights.

Muslims will be seeking Lailatul Qadr, the Night of Decree, in the odd nights. This is a night of hugely spiritual significance, and was the night when the Holy Quran was first revealed. All good deeds on this night are multiplied and that is why giving a little charity on every night of the last 10 days and spending the night in worship is recommended. You will be guaranteed to have given charity and worshipped Allah SWT on this most special night and earned untold reward and mercy, inshAllah!










These last days can be tiring and that is why it is important to be consistent, rest when you can and avoid anything that will distract or distress you. Here are some of our top tips given by our colleagues and supporters for making the most of your last nights of Ramadan:

  1. Eat light and nutritious iftars including salad, fruits and drink plenty of water throughout the night 
  2. Try to sleep in the day so you are rested and able to stay awake 
  3. Use tangible things to worship- read a Mushaf rather than on your phone and use a tasbih etc. 
  4. Avoid your phone and checking any social media etc. If you use your phone to watch or listen Islamic videos then turn of all notifications from other apps. 
  5. Vary your activity. If you start getting distracted change what you are doing. 
  6. Have a list of things you want to pray for and remember to give charity. 

We pray you have a healthy and productive last 10 days and all your efforts are accepted inshAllah!


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