Interpal’s Medical Aid: Providing lifesaving support to Palestine


Access to safe and affordable medical treatment remains a pressing issue for the majority of Palestinians. In the occupied Palestinian territories, the availability of medical supplies has reached a critical level, forcing hospitals and clinics to resort to reusing items and delaying essential treatments. Similarly, in the refugee camps located in Lebanon and Jordan, overcrowding and a lack of adequate services contribute to a scarcity of medical supplies.

The challenging circumstances faced by Palestinians in terms of healthcare exacerbate an already dire situation. Without sufficient access to medical resources, Palestinians struggle to receive the care they need.

Interpal’s medical aid program plays a crucial role in addressing the healthcare challenges in Palestine and across refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Through partnerships with local clinics and hospitals, Interpal ensures that essential medical supplies, equipment, and expertise reach those in need. From providing life-saving surgeries to delivering medication and healthcare facilities’ upgrades, Interpal’s initiatives have positively transformed the lives of Palestinians.

Interpal’s medical aid program exemplifies the commitment to serving the most vulnerable. With your support, we can continue to save lives and improve healthcare access for Palestinians.

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