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Interpal provides school kits and resources for children: enabling those who would otherwise be prevented from attending school (due to not having necessary school uniform, transport costs, and study equipment) to receive an education.

Interpal aims to be there at every step of a child’s education. By supporting Interpal you could be helping the next doctor, builder or teacher, who then will be able to build their community.

This picture is from the third Miles of Smiles convoy last year. Last week, Miles of Smiles 13 entered into Gaza. One of the convoy’s primary focuses was to help rebuild the damaged infrastrucutre, along with providing necessary fuel and medicine.

When Interpal first met Moneer Al-Khadra and her 10 beautiful children, they were living in a seriously dilapidated house with a contaminated water supply, which was posing a serious threat to the family’s health. Moneer’s husband has a chronic health condition which prevents him from working, and this family is…