Rashidieh Refugee Camp, Lebanon

More than 31,478 registered refugees
4 schools, including 1 secondary school
1 health centre
Majority aged between 13-25
  • Camp lies on the coast, 5km of Tyre and is divided into “old” and “new” sections.
  • Older part built by French government in 1936 to house Armenian refugees who fled Lebanon.
  • The “new camp” was built by UNRWA in 1936 to house Palestinians who were evacuated from Gouraud camp in the Baalbek area of Lebanon.
  • Most of camp inhabitants come from Deir al-Qassi and other villages in northern Palestine.
  • Rashidieh was heavily affected during civil war, especially between 1982 and 1987.
  • Nearly 600 shelters were totally or partially destroyed and more than 5,000 refugees displaced. Remaining shelters need serious rehabilitation. Almost all shelters are ventilated and are supplied with water and electricity.
  • Employment opportunities are very limited (most residents work seasonally in agriculture and construction).
  • Although shelters have private toilets, the camp has no sewerage system.
  • UNRWA is awaiting the construction of the main municipal sewer line in order to construct a sewerage system and connect to it. The storm water drainage and water supply system was recently rehabilitated.
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