International Day of Charity

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Today marks International Day of Charity. This day celebrates and recognises the impact of charity and all those who strive to help and give to others.

Throughout our 25 years of operation, the kindness and commitment of our donors has enabled us to improve the lives of thousands of vulnerable families across Palestine and neighbouring refugee camps. Our donors have shown solidarity and empathy to our beneficiaries, and have strived to provide them with the same comfort in their lives that they have themselves.

This has been a difficult and traumatic year for many, and it has added more suffering and insecurity for people in the occupied Palestinian territories, Lebanon and Jordan.

Families across Lebanon and Jordan are struggling to afford basic food supplies, and refugees across the region have never been more vulnerable.

In the Gaza Strip, livelihoods and essential services have been decimated by 14 years of siege, and the coronavirus outbreak risks pushing vital services to the brink of collapse.

Through your support, we have continued to provide aid and support other great organisations doing vital work on the ground.

Thank you for every email you have read and sent, for every donation and for every prayer in which you have remembered our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.  We hope we can all continue to carry the spirit of charity and kindness with us in these difficult times.

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