2023: A year of grief for Palestine

A truck seen in the Jenin refugee camp. Palestine

The recent bombardment in Gaza have killed 20,000 Palestinians. Airstrikes have destroyed hospitals, churches, and homes, causing injuries to thousands. The continuous assaults are devastating lives, leaving families without shelter.

The blockade has severely impacted Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure, resulting in a lack of resources and training opportunities. Healthcare workers are stretched thin, and frequent power cuts disrupt hospital operations, preventing access to life-saving medications and treatments.

At Interpal, we actively support healthcare facilities in Gaza. Moreover, we offer financial aid to assist in covering essential medical procedures and treatments. As winter approaches, our emergency campaigns aim to provide critical assistance to refugee shelters.

Your donations enable the Interpal team to stand with the Palestinian people during these hardships, providing relief and support.

By raising awareness for Palestine in your community, you can share the stories of the painful tragedies the Palestinian people are experiencing.

Let’s remember the heroic Palestinians in Gaza. Hold them in your thoughts and prayers. Together, we hope for a better year for Gaza.

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