Congratulations to Danny, who ran 10K for ‎Palestine‬ last Sunday in Bradford! Danny has raised £457 so far – click here to help him reach more! 

“Overall the issues effecting the people of Gaza and in general Palestine have had a profound effect on shaping my opinions. The immeasurable suffering of the Palestinians was something that bothered me, and I couldn’t just sit back and watch as it felt like I was complicit in the atrocities being committed on a daily basis against the indigenous people of Palestine.

People aren’t aware enough of such a pivotal world issue and I think it’s good for such charities as Interpal to exist as it allows us to get the word “Palestine” and the issue to people who otherwise wouldn’t have had a knowledge of what’s going on there.” 

Well done Danny!

Gaza Emergency Banner

Give Mercy, Earn Mercy

Gaza is in a state of emergency. There has been shocking violence against protestors, leaving thousands injured and over 100 people dead.

This Ramadan, help us ensure the injured receive the medical care they need. 

Nakba - 70 years on

Nakba - 70 years on

The Palestinian refugee crisis is now the longest-running refugee crisis in the world today.

With no end to their suffering in sight, now is the time to take action.