A #ChanceToLive for Palestinian refugees

This Autumn we provided specialised dental devices for refugees in Lebanon who would otherwise not be able to access this level of care.

The aims of the project were to

  • Providing specialised medical dental services to Palestinian refugees in the Nahr al-Bared camp.
  • Improving the general dental health of the refugees.
  • Helping to develop the skill-set of existing dental professionals working in the camps.
  • Ease the cost of health services spent on the poor and needy families.

The project consisted of purchasing two panoramic dental devices for healthcare centres in the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp and in Al-Buss Camp. These devices are of vital importance to dentists, as they are able to determine the nature of the treatment the patient requires and the type of orthodontics needed at an early stage.

These particular devices are not currently available in local clinics, which forces patients to seek treatment in high-cost hospitals and private clinics. Of course, the people living in the camps cannot afford the fees due to high unemployment rates and lack of opportunities. In turn, this leads them to neglect their dental care, causing severe problems in the long-term.

The medical centres in the camps were grateful for our support of the project which helped to provide much-needed treatment for people who are unable to access care in private clinics. The beneficiaries sent their thanks to the Interpal team and are looking forward for the continuous cooperation and support of such projects so as to provide treatment for more people in need of help.

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