International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 2017



The 29th of November marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People; a day set aside to commemorate the adoption of UN resolution 181 (II) on 29th November 1947, which provided for the partition of Palestine into two States. Seventy years on, the state of Palestine is yet to come into existence, and Palestinians continue to suffer the effects of brutal occupation and siege.

This year the day has more significance than ever as it coincides with various tragic anniversaries for Palestinians, marking 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, 70 years since the UN Partition Plan, 50 years since the beginning of the illegal occupation of the West Bank and 10 years since the siege of Gaza. These serve as a bitter reminder that our commitment to work with and support Palestinians is now more important than ever.

As a humanitarian organisation which works solely to provide relief for Palestinians, it is our belief that each and every day should serve as an opportunity to show solidarity with Palestinians. As we mark days and anniversaries, it is important to keep the focus on action and how we can make a difference as individuals and communities.


You can volunteer your time to support Palestinian charities such as Interpal which work toward alleviating the poverty and suffering of Palestinians! From helping with collections to gaining experience at one of our offices across the UK, there are so many different ways to volunteer to support Palestine.

Advocacy and raising awareness:

Familiarise yourself with the core issues and discuss them with your family, friends, colleagues and fellow students to raise awareness. You can even arrange small events and lectures to educate people, get active on social media and write to your local MP with your concerns.

Raise funds and donate:

Your donations go a long way to providing immediate relief to Palestinian families in need, particularly through the winter months and as the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate. You can maximize your donations and make them more fun by getting your friends and family to sponsor you to take part in challenges, or you can even organise your own charity event in aid of Palestine.

For decades Palestinians have suffered continuing oppression and disadvantage. Whilst they have faced displacement, their human rights have been consistently denied and living conditions worsen for each generation. There is a quiet and ongoing humanitarian disaster facing Palestinians across the occupied territories, Lebanon, Gaza and Syria.

It is difficult to imagine enduring decades of injustice, and Palestinians continue to serve as an example of strength and a source of inspiration to us all. We can act to support them to ensure they stay resilient and achieve the rights they are owed.

To learn more about the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, please see the following: