The art of breaking barriers in Gaza


Art can provide a new medium through which people with disabilities can express their experiences. The creative process involved in making art has shown to be hugely beneficial to physical and emotional wellbeing; it reduces stress, increases self-confidence and helps to improve inter-personal skills.

In the occupied Gaza Strip, poor access to public infrastructure and specialised services leave people with disabilities isolated and marginalised; more than 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed and a large proportion have never been to school.

23-year-old Mohammad Al Dalou from the occupied Gaza Strip was born with muscular dystrophy and faced this very problem, having also left school at a young age. It was at this point that he discovered the huge benefits of art as a means of expression. He spent much of his youth developing his passion, eventually becoming widely known for his artistic talent.

Mohammed visited Interpal’s Gaza office earlier this year and presented our staff with a beautifully drawn Interpal logo. We learned about his work, ambitions and desire to showcase his art to the world. Drawing with a pencil had become difficult with his condition, so our team provided him with a tablet to develop his skills further. Watch this space- we are sure Mohammad will continue to use his creative process to break down the barriers that people with disabilities in Gaza face. And we are so pleased to have been part of the process.

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