How can you support Palestine?


For decades, the people of Palestine have been forced to deal with a brutal military occupation.  They have seen their homes demolished, their schools attacked and loved ones shot dead. The restrictions on movements mean Palestinians have very limited access to necessities and basic amenities.

The siege in Gaza, which will enter its 16th year, has left hospitals over cramped and with a limited supply of medicine. Doctors and nurses are overworked, and healthcare centres are often disrupted by power cuts. This leaves the Palestinian people unable to receive life-saving medications and treatments.

The COVID-19 pandemic left Palestine with a weak economy which means there are high levels of food insecurity and poverty. Families struggle to keep warm and often rely on international aid for food and clean water.

How do we help?

Trying to help the situation in Palestine can seem daunting but together we can make a difference.

At Interpal, we aid healthcare facilities with medical supplies across Gaza and the West Bank. We also provide financial support to help cover the costs of essential surgery and treatment. During the colder months, Interpal runs winter emergency campaigns to offer vital aid to refugee shelters.

With your donations, the Interpal team can assist the people of Palestine in their hardships and provide relief to their struggles. We work to empower Palestinians to confront their challenges and provide this with compassion and commitment.

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