Attacks on Al Aqsa

Another Ramadan, and another set of attacks on Al Aqsa Mosque and the Gaza Strip.

At Al Aqsa, Israeli forces attack worshippers; prevent others from praying; destroy the clinic inside the mosque compound; and turned the holy site into a warzone.

Yet, our politicians stay silent. Take a few minutes to email your MP to take action now!

Al Aqsa Mosque Compound - Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia

Ask your MP about Palestinian's right to 'Freedom of Religion'

Write to your MP and urge them to take action now for Palestine.

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As a matter of urgency, I call on you to act now and take serious steps towards holding Israel to account for its attacks on worshippers at the Al Aqsa mosque, during this holy month for Muslims.

In any other context, I imagine you would have been amongst the first to condemn the aggression against worshippers, especially during prayer. Yet, you have been noticeably silent on what is happening at Al Aqsa right now.

In case you need a refresher, here is footage from inside the mosque compound, as Muslim worshippers are praying:

I’m sure you have seen other horrific images of blatant disregard for religious freedoms coming out of Palestine in the past few days. But here are a few other highlights:

What could possibly justify the attacks on worshippers at Al Aqsa?

Following these unjustified, unprovoked and violent attacks on worshippers, Israel is now bombing the 2 million besieged people of Gaza.

As my representative in Parliament, I demand your statement on the attacks on worshippers at Al Aqsa. And I ask you to urge the government to strongly condemn the actions of the Israeli forces and take immediate action to preserve the right to religious freedoms.



Hope for Palestine

In this holy month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and water during sunlight hours in the hope of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Yet for many across the world, Ramadan will be a difficult time.

The checkpoints and land theft in the West Bank, as well as the brutal siege of Gaza has left Palestinians with a crippled economy. Frequent attacks on the coastal enclave have also left hospitals and clinics struggling to look after patients. Most Palestinians have to live on less than $2 a day, and are routinely unable to access the basic amenities they need.

Efforts to call attention to the plight of Palestinians is routinely stifled. At times, the situation feels hopeless.

Let’s change this. On this blessed month, give hope to Palestine.

A History of Aggression

Palestinians have lived through Israel's attacks for over 75 years now. With numerous attacks every year, it is quite impossible to list all acts of aggression. But here are some recent major events.

A Palestinian boy in Gaza

The blockade on Gaza


Since 2007, Israel has imposed a land, sea and air blockade on the Gaza Strip, severely controlling the import of basic necessities including food, fuel and medicines.

Israeli bomb explodes in Gaza, with smoke engulfing everything

Operation 'Cast Lead' in Gaza


In December 2008, Israel launched a three week bombardment of the Gaza Strip. People were unable to flee to safety, heavily populated areas were bombed mercilessly and white phosphorous was used on the civilian population. The attack left 1,400 Palestinians dead, and over 5,000 wounded.

Operation 'Pillar of Defence'


Whilst still recovering from the 2008/2009 bombardment and the ongoing siege, Palestinians in Gaza were once more terrorised by a week-long bombardment in November 2012. Over 150 people were killed, 30 of them children.

A building in Gaza razed by an Israeli air attack

Operation 'Protective Edge' in Gaza


On July 8th 2014, the Gaza Strip came under attack by Israeli forces. The aggression and violence continued for seven weeks. 2,100 Palestinians were killed and over 11,200 Palestinians were injured, including 3,000 children. At least 500,000 people were forced to flee their homes and live in emergency shelters or with host families.

Gazans seen during the Great March of Return at the Gaza-Israel border fence, under fire from tear gas

The Great March of Return


At the time of writing, the “Great March of Return” protests in Gaza that began on 30 March 2018 have, according to the Palestine Centre for Human Rights, resulted in 214 Palestinian deaths and a further 14,251 Palestinians wounded. Since the protests began, the health sector in Gaza has been brought to the brink of collapse, with health facilities severely under-resourced and unable to cope with the massive influx of casualties.

Al Aqsa Mosque Compound - Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia

Violence in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip


Palestinians began protesting in Jerusalem after Israel’s Supreme Court ordered the removal of several families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah.  Israeli forces attacked hundreds of Palestinian worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque with rubber bullets and stun grenades as evening prayers took place during the holy month of Ramadan.

As tensions continued to rise across East Jerusalem, the Israeli military once again conducted airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip killing 242 Palestinians, including 66 children and 38 women, four of whom were pregnant. Over 1,900 Palestinians (including 610 children) were injured during the assault.

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