Sponsor a Palestinian child

The One-to-One Sponsorship Programme supports over 10,000 Palestinian children, including orphans and those with disabilities.

For just £25 a month, sponsors have a positive impact on the lives of children and families by providing them with a regular financial lifeline.

How does a sponsorship help?

Sponsorship donations can help a family buy medicines, clothes or books and enhance the quality of life for their children. In line with our commitment to multidimensional aid we also include sponsored children in other projects as well, such as fun days, health events and education programmes.

What do I get when I sponsor a child?

You are provided with annual reports on the progress of your sponsored child. In the progress report, you receive a detailed study about the current situation of the child, photos and a letter. Many donors also send letters and photographs and these are forwarded to the sponsored child (in most circumstances). Many children often respond with letters and photographs of their own.

How can I sponsor a child today?

Please call our donor care line on 0208 961 9993 to get more information on the Sponsorship Programme and how we can facilitate your support for Palestinian children in need.


How much does it cost to sponsor a child or family?

Sponsorship of a child starts at a minimum of £25 a month (this is as little as 83p a day) and £75 for a family (three siblings). Many donors choose to give more per month as a regular monetary gift given the dire situation for the majority of Palestinians.

May I choose the child I sponsor?

In order to be fair to the children, the most needy child is allocated first. However, you may choose the category of child you would like to sponsor. The Programme includes the following categories from which you may choose:

Orphans: These are defined as children who suffer from the absence of paternal care and support due to the death of their father.

Needy: These are defined as children suffering from severe poverty due to the inability of their parents to provide for their basic needs. The difficulty may arise from disability or ill health, unemployment, displacement or the acute difficulties and restrictions faced by many Palestinian people. These children are a priority for the Programme as their entire family is in extreme hardship. The category also includes:

  • Students: Youth who are 16 or above and still seeking education (university, college, etc…) and their family are unable to support them.
  • Children with special needs: disabled or injured children whose difficulties are further exacerbated by poverty and disadvantage.

How is the £25 used for the child?

The £25 donation is used to provide for the essential needs of the child which can include milk, food, clothes or medicines.

Does my sponsorship benefit the family?

Your sponsorship does benefit the family. Your sponsorship is an essential financial lifeline which is often the only regular income a family may receive.

Will I get a progress report for the child and how often?

An annual progress is provided to sponsors. Information provided includes a detailed study compiled by social and field workers about the current situation of the child and his/her family describing any changes or developments in their financial, health and social situations.

How long can I sponsor a child for?

You can sponsor a child for however long you choose. According to Islamic teachings, the One-to-One Programme aims to guarantee sponsorship to children until they attain ‘maturity’, however, many donors continue to sponsor their children through higher education or into young adulthood due to their dire circumstances and growing needs

Can I sponsor the child for a few months?

The one-to-one sponsorship programmes requires a minimum commitment of 6 months. However, if you are unable to commit to this and dependent on your circumstances, you can support other programmes related to children.

Can I correspond with the child?

Yes. You are welcome to send letters and photographs and the Programme will endeavour to forward these to your sponsored child. Many children often respond with letters and photographs of their own.

Can I give extra money for the child?

Yes. Many sponsors choose to give more than the stated monthly amount or provide irregular monetary gifts for the child. This extra income is used for education purposes, toys or other needs. Gift payments for Ramadan and Eid Al Adha should be made in advance to ensure the child receives it on time.

Are there any administrative costs taken from the donation?

None is taken. It is Interpal’s policy not to deduct administration costs from any specified donation. Some of our donors make a separate contribution for this to help us manage the programme efficiently and effectively

How can I cancel my sponsorship if I need to?

You can contact the Sponsorships Team to cancel your sponsorship or if you have a standing order you will need to cancel your standing order via the bank. Please inform us of this, so we can ensure we find our sponsored child a new sponsor and remove you as a listed sponsor.If you feel that you cannot commit to regular sponsorship payments or the minimum monthly sponsorship of £25, but would still like to contribute towards improving the lives of Palestinian children, then you can donate other appeals and projects.

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