Bringing Palestinians Food Aid for Eid Al Adha is vital

Interpal‘s Qurbani programme supports Palestinians during the religious festival of Eid Al Adha, and brings a ray of hope to those struggling to escape poverty. Field teams work around the clock to deliver food aid packages to impoverished Palestinian refugees and residents across Palestine in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and in Lebanon and Jordan. Suzan, who lives in Sabra in the Gaza Strip, shows us just how vital supporting Palestine’s people has become.

The blessed first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah (the last Islamic month) has almost dawned upon us. It is during these first 10 days that Muslims far and wide will take the momentous journey of Hajj to the Ka’bah at Mecca. It is also during these blessed days that many Muslims worldwide will offer their wealth and sacrifice an animal for the poor and destitute.

Whilst many will get caught up in the festivities and excitement of the upcoming ‘Eid celebration, many of us will pause to remember our deprived brothers and sisters and for the sake of God, make a difference to their lives.

Following the 2008/2009 conflict in the Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinian families are unable to access basic necessities like nutritious food, clean water, medicine and even a secure shelter over their heads. Many have become orphaned or lost limbs, whilst many others suffer from psychological trauma or cope with severe brain damage from shrapnel. 

Suzan is permanently brain damaged and unable to walk, following severe injury and trauma during the 2008/09 conflict in the Gaza Strip. Her husband abandoned her and their 3 children to fend for themselves along with their mother in law. During this difficult period Interpal stepped in during ‘Eid Al Adha 2011, and brought fresh Qurbani meat to her whole family in response to her plight, including additional food parcels afterwards. 

Meat is a rare luxury that Palestinians hardly ever taste. Your Qurbani with Interpal can ensure our brothers and sisters do not go without a meal this ‘Eid Al Adha, and will be processed in the most Shari’ah compliant, effective way possible. 

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