A beautiful quest

One of our supporters contacted us during the Gaza
assault after having seen a little boy interviewed who had lost many members of
his family, including his father in an airstrike.  His obvious pain touched this donor greatly
and she wanted to know if she could support the family in any way. Once it was
possible, our field office contacted the family and enquired as to their
situation, and found they were struggling and in need of support. This donor
now sponsors both Abdul Rehman (aged 12) and his brother Obaidah (aged 5) and
sent us the following:

“After seeing the interview
with Abdel Rehman last July, there was no way that I could just sit back and
not try to support him or his family.  I originally wanted to adopt him,
but Interpal explained this would not necessarily be accepted by the
Palestinian authority.  It would also be unfair on him to take him away
from his family.  I can’t explain in words exactly what it was,
other than I knew I had to act, and if it wasn’t for Interpal, I
really don’t know how I would have been able to help these boys in particular. 
JazakAllah Khair for making it possible to support our Palestinian

Rise & Chai logo - Interpal - International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, on March 8th 2019, host your own afternoon tea and support the legacy of extraordinary Palestinian women like the late medic, Razan al Najjar.

All funds raised will go towards our Razan al Najjar Scholarship Fund which provides training to even more paramedics in Gaza.