Fadi and his family need your support

Fadi and his family live in Jal Al Bahar refugee camp in Tyre (South Lebanon). Most refugees
here are from Tarshiha, a village that was located on the border between
Lebanon and Palestine. The camp lies a few meters from the sea, with nothing to
protect houses from the waves.

Fadi’s family consists of seven members:  Himself,
Yusra (his wife) and their five children: Aya (18) left school and helps her
mother in the housework, Maya (16), Mahmoud (14), Mohammad (9) and Ahmad (8).
They all attend the local UNRWA school.

Like the majority of the refugee families living in Jal Al Bahar, their financial
situation is very bad. Fadi works as a fisherman and doesn’t earn enough to meet
the family’s basic needs. One of the children, Mohammad, suffers from asthma
and has to take a monthly medication, which is quite costly.

The family’s housing conditions are very poor: the house consists essentially of
two rooms and is in a bad shape. The roof is made from metal sheeting, which
lets in the rain and cold. The house is overwhelmed with damp and there is no
way to keep it warm during the winter months.

Fadi hopes to find a sponsor for one of his children, to help cover a part of the
family’s financial burden. If you’d like to help Fadi and his family, please
give us a call on 020 8961 9993 or email sponsorship@interpal.org
– Thank you in advance.

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