Editorial: September 2016


As children in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan prepare for a new term, your kind generosity has provided school supplies, safe transport and fee support to struggling families. A regular school routine establishes stability and helps displaced and traumatised children feel a sense of community. However, with the occupation restricting the entry of 300,000 textbooks into Gaza, half a million students will have to begin the new term ill-equipped and under-prepared.

The start of the school year is also a time to remember the hundreds of children who lost their lives in the 2014 war. Also in our minds are the countless children held in military detention by the army, who should be attending school in order to develop and lead full and fulfilling lives.

As we enter the Qurbani season, we want to bring the smiles back to these children’s faces. Eid is a season of joy in which to celebrate with food, friends and family, and our volunteers on the ground are set to bring fresh meat and gifts to needy families in the Holy Land.

With your help, we can come together for Palestine. Share your blessings with those who truly need it. Your kind gift could mean the world to a family on Eid morning.


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