All members of family in Gaza injured by last year’s assault


One of the most tragic stories to come out of Gaza following the attacks last year is that of the Wael family, all of whom had been severely affected by the bombings. Tragically, as a result of the bombardment, many members of the family lost their limbs, including both of the parents, their son and their nephew. Their little baby girl was left were severe burns on her body and their nephew’s mother and father were also tragically killed. 

The suffering that this family is facing in the aftermath of the attacks is incomprehensible. With little to no reconstruction materials entering the Strip, their lives are left on hold, with no access to proper medical care or trauma support.

Rubina is one of our supporters who learned about the Wael fmaily. She is now doing everything she can to help them.

She will be holding a 6km fundraising walk, while fasting, on Saturday 4th July 2015, at Hyde park. 

To anyone interested in helping too, Rubina says:

“Anyone is welcome to join us and take part in this walk to raise money for this family.

We will meet under the arch at 2.30 pm near Marble Arch tube station, London.

Please donate any amount of money to help ease their suffering. They desperately need long term financial medical support and general financial support to survive their harsh circumstances. The money raised will go to the charity Interpal with an office in Gaza, who will ensure it is given to the family as a gift donation. Please be generous!”

To donate, please visit:

For further information please contact the support group:

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