Battling cancer in a Palestinian refugee camp – Muhammad’s story

In December 2014, some of our fundraisers went to Lebanon to meet with several of our beneficiaries. One of them was 7 year-old Muhammad who lives with his parents and four siblings in Shatila refugee camp, Beirut. Muhammad had been diagnosed with cancer and had to undertake chemotherapy. During the treatment, Muhammad couldn’t leave his room due to his weak immune system. He was in a lot of pain and lost all his hair.

Thanks to your donations we were able to cover some of Muhammad’s chemotherapy fees. He then became part of our sponsorship programme and received financial aid and winter aid. In April 2015 Muhammad finished his chemotherapy and the doctors said that he was cured from cancer.

Today Muhammad is doing well but he still needs a CT scan, a blood test and a medical examination once a year, which cost around $400. He is currently studying at a UNRWA school but his performance is very weak and he needs intensive lessons, which are quite expensive. Muhammad’s mother delivered a new baby girl “Fatimah” in February 2016 and he is enjoying taking care of her.

Limited aid and resources in the Palestinian refugee camps are preventing many children like Muhammad from receiving the medical care they need. If you’d like to help, please call us on 020 8961 9993.

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